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Is Prostate Scar the main Cause of Chronic Prostatitis?

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Bacterial prostatitis does not induce chronic prostatitis. The so-called bacterial prostatitis induces chronic prostatitis. In fact, bacterial prostatitis has no real cure.

Antibiotics only play an anti-inflammatory role. They do not repair the scars left by inflammatory attacks. There are always scars in the prostate. Scar is the main cause of chronic prostatitis.

What's the root cause of chronic prostatitis? Scar has little effect on human body except for its beautiful appearance. But the scar inside the human body has a great impact on human health, especially the prostate capsule itself is an important tissue of the prostate. 

The formation of scar will make the blood circulation and microcirculation of the prostate capsule become bad. The poor circulation will make the prostate capsule become rough and gradually lose its elasticity. 

Therefore, the glands become stiff and sclerotic, thus forming the fundamental cause of chronic prostatitis and Fibrosis focus.

The presence of fibrotic lesions indicates that prostatitis has not recovered at all, only because the symptoms have been alleviated under the action of drugs. 

Antibiotics are the first choice for sterilization, but the treatment of antibiotics also needs to be carried out according to the doctor's advice, and should be treated at the early stage of the onset. Delaying treatment only complicates the condition and makes bacterial infections difficult to treat.

How to treat thoroughly and eliminate prostate scar and fibrosis? Although bacterial prostatitis does not necessarily translate into chronic prostatitis, bacterial prostatitis should not be underestimated, because inappropriate or incomplete treatment will lead to chronic prostatitis.

In addition to using antibiotics to relieve symptoms and relieve pain, you can also choose dietary therapy or plant formula therapy, such as Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pills, developed by natural plants, long-term use will not produce drug resistance, produce damage to the stomach and kidneys and other organs. 

It is relatively small, play an anti-inflammatory, sterilization, enhance human immunity, repair prostate scar tissue and fibers. Uygur lesions can ultimately achieve the goal of radical cure.

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