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Experts Analyse the Concept of Leukocyte Assay in Prostatitis

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Patients with prostatitis often have a question: the more white blood cells, the more serious prostatitis?

Actually not. Most patients are very sensitive to white blood cell counts in prostatic liquefaction tests. In fact, the number of white cells in a prostatic fluid is not proportional to the symptoms of prostatitis.

Previously, the diagnostic criteria for prostatitis were based on the presence or absence of bacterial infections. However, the current evaluation criteria have changed, which is based on whether the quality of life of patients has been reduced.

A very simple example, usually random examination of our nasal cavity, many people will have slight rhinitis, but this will not affect people's quality of life. Therefore, even if the white blood cells detected by prostate liquefaction test are few, but the symptoms are serious, it should be treated.

This is because when the condition is serious, the glandular duct of the prostate is blocked, which can lead to the white blood cells in the prostate cannot come out, so the white blood cells cannot be found or only a small amount.

Sometimes a large number of white blood cells are found, it means that the glandular duct has been unobstructed, and the condition has improved and recovered. We used to pay attention to testing, but now we pay more attention to the symptoms caused by the effects of disease on the body.

But for bacterial prostatitis, the number of white blood cells is closely related to the severity of the disease. Most of the patients with chronic prostatitis are non-bacterial.

For patients with non-bacterial prostatitis, when drinking 100 grams of alcohol, riding a bicycle for an hour or two, the white cells in the prostatic fluid will immediately rise.

Why is the disease getting better, but the number of white blood cells has increased? Because the original glandular duct is not clear, and later the disease is better, the glandular duct is reopened, then the white blood cells will naturally rise.

In addition, the white blood cells in each duct of the prostate are not uniform. Leukocyte count cannot objectively reflect the severity of the disease.

Although prostatitis is a common infection in male reproductive inflammations, when the condition is complex and the course of a disease is long, it also brings a certain impact on people's life.

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