Steps to Reset Netgear Wireless Router r7000

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Reset Netgear Router r7000

Are you unable to complete the Netgear router reset or your router factory reset not working? 

If you can’t reset Netgear Router and looking for some simple steps to reset router to its default setting then read these brief guide. 

If you encounter stubborn trouble with router, it is highly recommended to reset your netgear router to its default factory setting. 

Steps to Reset Netgear Wireless Router r7000

You can reset default factory settings of wireless router r7000 either manually or by visiting

Unable to reset Netgear router factory setting or reset not working error, then read these steps. 

1. If Nighthawk won't factory reset, then make sure that you are completing the Netgear Router setup properly. 

2. After you press and hold the reset button, make sure that you wait till the LED is blinking. After that, your router will reboot. 

3. Wait for the reboot process to take place and then wait till the LED turns solid again. Make sure that all the connections are done properly and the ethernet cable is attached correctly with the modem. 

4. If you still can’t reset Netgear router, then you can use a paperclip or pin if you are unable to press it properly with your hands. 

5. To reset wireless router R7000, make sure that you locate and press the button for not more than 10 seconds. Make sure that the indicators are blinking and indicating the process of Factory reset Netgear router.

If still facing trouble in reset Netgear router then do consider for experts guidance.  

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