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Can Psychological Factors affect Prostatitis?

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Prostatitis is a common male genital inflammation. Poor living habits or infections can lead to prostatitis, alcohol and aggravated cold may affect kidney, function, and excessive fatigue can also lead to prostatitis.

Prostatitis basically has the symptoms of frequent and urgent urination, those are caused by fatigue. Can psychological factors affect prostatitis? and if there have any way to treat prostatitis? 

Therefore, patients with prostatitis should standardize medication under the guidance of the doctor to relieve urination symptoms, delay the progression of hyperplasia and prevent complications. So, if there is a suspect of prostatitis, patients should firstly take the guidance of doctor.

Reproductive specialists found in the study that patients with prostatitis have different degrees of stress factors in the symptoms, such as overwork, fatigue, anxiety, they suggest that the behavioral treatment to eliminate stress is beneficial for the treatment of chronic prostatitis. 

There are also domestic statistics supporting this result, most patients with chronic prostatitis are middle managers over 35 years old and business leaders of there company,their social responsibility increased with mental pressure.

Therefore, it is particularly important to adjust the psychological adjustment of patients with chronic prostatitis.


Improving the local environment of the prostate is to enhance the body's immune. An herbal formula such as Diuretic anti-inflammatory Pills can change the local environment of prostatitis, and increase the body's own disease resistance.

In addition, before you go to sleep at night, you can have a warm water bath to change the local congestion of the prostate and reduce the occurrence of chronic prostatitis.

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