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Fallopian Bubal Blockage: Causes and Treatments

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Fallopian tube is the most vulnerable place, in infertile women, at least 1/3 is due to tubal blockage but also has a gradual upward trend. What causes tubal blockage? What can be done to clear the fallopian tube?(Therapy without side effects and completely cure )

Causes of Fallopian tubal blockage 

1. Gynecological inflammation. Shortly after the passion, some female friends will feel the increase of lower body secretions, there is a burning feeling, the result of the hospital examination is Non-gonococcal Urethritis, Chlamydia Infection. 

2. Pelvic and genitourinary tract inflammation is the main cause of tubal obstruction. For example, Mycoplasma infection, Chlamydia infection, gonococcal infection, cervicitis, endometritis, adnexitis and so on.

3. Surgical infection. Female genitalia is not an isolated system. There are many adjacent organs to the fallopian tube in the pelvic cavity alone. Inflammation of any organ in the pelvic cavity may involve the fallopian tube.

4. Postpartum/postabortion infection. Infertility caused by induced abortion accounts for a certain proportion of infertility and tends to increase. The main causes of infertility after abortion are abnormal patency of fallopian tube (obstruction or obstruction), uterine adhesions, endometriosis, luteal insufficiency, etc.

5. Tuberculosis-tuberculosis of the fallopian tube. Tuberculosis bacilli, unlike other pathogens, can spread to the reproductive organs along the blood and lymphatic channels. The fallopian tube is the most vulnerable part of tuberculosis in the reproductive organs.

Treatments for tubal obstruction 

1. There are many treatments for tubal obstruction, such as tubal drainage, tubal interventional dredging by X-ray, hysteroscopy, laparoscopy, natural remedy Fuyan Pill, enema, etc. 

2. After many patients' fallopian tube was dredged by the operation, due to the lack of hygiene or nursing in later life and increase the possibility of recurrence, it can be strengthened and consolidated with pure herbal medicine to solve the fundamental problems. 

Fuyan Pill uses 16 kinds of pure plant herbal formula, including Angelica, Peach Kernel, Safflower, Licorice and another natural plant formula, and can activate blood circulation, remove blood stasis, diuresis and it works well on tubal blockage caused by pelvic surgery, gynecological inflammation, unclean sexual life, infertility, and other gynecological diseases, take it Orally 1 to 3 months can be cured.

3. Personal cleaning should be done well: pay attention to personal hygiene, especially the hygiene of vulva, don't share pots, towels and other sanitary products with others, prevent cross-infection and prevent various pathogens.

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