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Symptoms and Treatments for Epididymitis

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Epididymitis is a common disease in young and middle-aged people. When the body resistance is low, pathogenic bacteria will enter the vas deferens, retrograde invasion of the epididymis, causing inflammation.

Therefore, the disease often secondary to urethritis, prostatitis, seminal vesicle inflammation. 

If the disease lasts for a long time, patients may appear at the climax of sexual intercourse, epididymis and vas deferens contraction and pain may still exist after the closure of the same room, which will affect the quality of sexual life, serious loss of sexual function, and also affect the reproduction of men’s ability, so timely and active treatment is very important.

1.Simple treatment. For patients with mild symptoms, pay more attention to rest at ordinary times, can be properly applied to alleviate scrotal tow, conditional can make their own scrotal tow with a cotton pad, may be more comfortable, if the pain is difficult to bear can be appropriate to take pain relief drugs or anti-inflammatory drugs. An ice pack can be used for a local cold compress. 

2. Antibiotics, especially for patients with acute epididymitis, for different pathogens, we should choose relatively sensitive drugs. Usually, oral antibiotics are given after intravenous administration for about two weeks. 

3. Physiotherapy. Epididymitis can also be alleviated by physical therapy, such as we mentioned hot sitz bath and physiotherapy hot water sitz bath and physiotherapy, local hot compress and scrotal support, or by the use of toluene. 

If the situation is serious, the pain is intolerable, the disease recurs repeatedly, affecting normal life and work, epididymectomy can be investigated and taken. This method is suitable for the treatment of chronic epididymitis.

4.In addition, natural medicine therapy, such as Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, it consists of more than 50 kinds of natural herbs, like food, it has no drug resistances and side effects and can take it for a long time, it works well for inflammation of epididymitis, generally speaking, Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can cure the disease in 1 to 3 months .

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