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Inflammation of the Testicle (Symptoms and Diagnosis)

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Testicles play a particularly important role in male reproductive organs. If something goes wrong with your testicles, you'll lose your incense.

Therefore, once testicular swelling and pain occur, it is necessary to seek medical advice immediately to find out the cause, and do not delay the best treatment time, resulting in serious consequences.

Testicles show swelling and pain, mostly with orchitis and epididymitis. These two types of inflammation are sometimes caused by systemic infections and sometimes by other chronic infections. 

Systemic infection may be unavoidable, but cross-infection can be prevented early. Mumps can be complicated by orchitis, chronic urinary tract infections, and bacterial prostatitis for a long time, easily leading to chronic epididymitis.

It is not difficult to distinguish testicular inflammation from testicular torsion. When testicular pain occurs, raise the testicles. If you feel comfortable, it is mostly inflammation. If you feel more pain, you are more likely to twist. Ultimately, patients can be diagnosed by B-mode ultrasonography and color Doppler examination.

Epididymitis according to its symptoms can be classified as a traditional plant medicine carbuncle, gonorrhea category, Its manifestations are scrotal swelling, fixed pain, and local fibrosis. It is the phenomenon of blood stasis in traditional herbal medicine. 

Blood stasis in liver meridians is the pathogenesis of the disease because of the Liver Collaterals and vaginal organs. 

Therefore, it is necessary to use the effect of drenching diuresis, activating blood circulation and removing blood stasis, promoting qi and relieving pain, Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill acts on the affected area, reaches the root of the disease, pulls up the pathogens, and expels toxins out of the body.

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