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Which Type of Mattress Protector Do You Like?

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Popular sofa covers include slips, which are fitted over a sofa, and throws, which are simply thrown over the top to cover the sofa.

Cover Slips

Slips are characterised by their ability to cover a sofa and fit to it. An expensive sofa slipcover usually looks like it is sewn onto the sofa, through use of ruching, elastic, and seams. Tailor made slipcovers can fit precisely over the sofa with little to no difference between the original sofa and the cover. Because of this, they are usually preferred to cheaper, less fitted options.


Sofa covers offer a variety of closure and coverage options. The most popular cheap sofa cover type uses velcro to pull excess fabric in and tighten it around the sofa for a more natural look. More expensive options can be made to mimic the original upholstering for the sofa, and might be difficult to tell from the original. This type of sofa cover is almost always tailored and usually comes in multiple pieces. These include a back cover, a skirt, and cushion covers that fit over individual cushions. Some variations that are not always called sofa covers include simple sleeves that are placed over the arms of the sofa, and occasionally a thin strip of fabric that lays on the bottom of the sofa, where people sit.

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