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Is Male Orchitis Transmittable to Females?

By vivian99eyao at 2019-02-13 • 0 collector • 48 pageviews

In general, the possibility of orchitis infection is small. Non-specific orchitis just isn't contagious, even though orchitis as a result of blood filariasis is just not contagious previously. It's just that married men should take note of without having sexual activities before it is cured, in order to avoid the transmission of inflammatory bacteria to the spouse or induction of gynecological diseases to the spouse.

Due on the various kinds of the sickness, the nature of pain of orchitis has certain difference. It can be classified as swelling pain, falling pain, or knife-like pain, etc., as well as the a higher level the pain is categoried as dull pain, or sharp pain. In addition a result of the lesions of the testis itself, the epididymis, spermatic cord lesions and inflammation in the scrotum often cause testicular pain, and so the orchitis should not be treated over time.

If not treated on time, orchitis can cause great harm:

First, complications. Orchitis is simple to induce various serious diseases, including endocrine diseases, varicocele, chorditis, prostatitis,nephritis, and other kidney diseases, urinary infection, and in many cases malignant tumors.

Second, male infertility. Lead to necrozoospermia (dead sperm) and azoospermia (nil sperm count), loss in fertility, and transmission of inflammatory germs to spouses, causing gynecological diseases which may be great harm for the partner.

Third, impotence. Orchitis might cause male sexual function to decline, and even completely loss, bringing difficulties on the sexual life of the couple.

Fourth, the vitality loss, kidney deficiency, and premature aging. If the orchitis just isn't cured after a very long time, it'll easily cause kidney deficiency, loss of vital energy, severe cold in the limbs, and lumbar pain, and even early aging.

Fifth, affecting the emotions of husband and wife. Patients with orchitis may have irritating symptoms including scrotal pain, bulge, etc. The physical illness not only affects the patient's mood, leading to irritability, and also cause loss in interest on sexual activities, which harms the connection from the couple and family harmony.

In addition, you can orally take natural herbal medicine such as Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pills, which has the effects of promoting blood circulation, relieving pain, anti-fibrosis, anti-calcification and anti-proliferation that can effectively eliminate testicular and epididymal swelling caused by inflammatory stimulation. 

And Tissue fibrosis, calcification, bulging pain along with other symptoms of the orchitis, might be completely cured by this TCM formula.

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