Development status of die casting industry

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Metal castings that can be processed by die-casting include Zinc die casting, aluminum, magnesium, copper, etc. There are mainly two types of machines used in the process, cold chamber machine and hot chamber die casting machine.

The production of castings is inseparable from the development and manufacturing of molds. Mold design is currently a relatively high-income occupation in the manufacturing industry. The time required to start the industry to have the design ability varies from three to five years, depending on each person's conditions and opportunities. Die design practitioners have different levels of diplomas. There are elementary school diplomas and university undergraduates. The elementary school diplomas are all led by relatives. They may be very young when they enter the industry. When they graduate from college, they may be very senior in the industry. . In general, there is a lack of generalists in mold design in the industry, and most of them are designed for product design rather than design for production capacity. Design talents with a local view of production capacity are still very rare in the market.

The reason for this status quo

1. There is a lack of specialized talent training programs in China;

2. Die-casting production environment is difficult, high temperature and high heat at the die-casting site, serious oil pollution, there is a certain degree of danger, causing designers to not have a deep understanding of the site;

3. Die-casting companies are mostly small and medium-sized processing companies, and the environment is not enough to see the whole world, which causes the short-sightedness of mold designers;

4. Most senior executives of Die casting supplier have little or no knowledge of die-casting technology, and the occurrence of guiding errors limits the mold designers.


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