Steel structure warehouses are widely used

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Platform steel structure is widely used, such as steel structure warehouses platform, steel structure housing platform, maintenance and repair office, production workshop, warehouse material stacking, etc. These platforms have different uses and their loads are also very different.

Steel structure workshop platform: First of all, we must consider its load-bearing capacity, how many machines there are, and how much weight each square meter must bear. This must be considered first.

Office steel platform: The main consideration is the weight of personnel and office equipment. Columns and steel beams can be made of H-beam or I-beam. Floors can be decorated with wood panels and floor tiles. To ensure safety, a handrail of about 1 meter should be installed.

Steel structure platform beam in production workshop: The weight of personnel, machinery, products and materials should be fully considered in the design. The platform floor is mostly made of profiled steel plates for pouring concrete. The greater the load-bearing capacity of the steel platform, the more foundation and steel used, and the higher the corresponding cost. When designing, it is necessary to ensure that the original building meets the "building safety standards" and cannot be installed blindly.

Maintenance aisle steel structure platform: Because there are only a small number of operators and the weight of maintenance tools, no uprights are used, and steel beams are directly connected to the original building. The maintenance ladder can be a steel structure staircase.

Storage material platform: At present, the most used steel platform is warehousing, logistics and other places, mainly used for storage and material stacking. Therefore, when designing this kind of steel structure platform, the weight of the placed material should be considered, and the foundation, column, and steel beam should be determined according to the weight. , The size and material of the secondary beam, the floor can be poured concrete on the profiled steel plate, wood board, pattern steel plate, etc. can also be used.

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