A light steel structure house coffee shop

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One day, due to business trip. When returning in the afternoon, I was exhausted. Driving on the road with a deep sense of fatigue, I accidentally stopped the car involuntarily. It is a cafe, it seems to use the popular light gauge steel structure house, the container house as the main body, the outside is a circle of authentic wooden fences, which is quite nostalgic, making people want to gently push it away and go in Take a look, take a look.

After entering, there is a very spacious open-air dam. When you look up, you see the mountains that seem close to but far away, making you feel as if you are caught in the gentle embrace of the mountains. The iron red color of the container itself becomes more and more vivid with the surrounding green hills and trees. I stopped because of this gorgeous color, which attracted my tired eyes and unexpectedly relaxed.

Walking in again, I can see the true appearance of this cafe more clearly: two light steel structure houses are placed opposite to each other, the container is used as the storefront, and the middle is a wooden open-air platform, scattered with some swing frames and sofa chairs. There is a calm atmosphere. Perhaps the surrounding environment is too soft and gentle, and the straight lines of the container are more attractive.

Through the window, you can see the furnishings in the light steel structure house, just like you imagined: rattan chairs, glass small round tables, and wooden coffee tables.

The blues flowing slowly in the coffee bar slowly dipped into my mind one by one. Find a small table next to the window and order a cup of mellow mocha on it with sweet cakes. The fatigue of business trips slowly dissipated with the stirring of the coffee spoon. Afterwards, when the lanterns were out in the night, he returned home contentedly

More and more creative container houses are presented in everyone's field of vision. If you are interested in this kind of architecture, please contact us: steel structure building.

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