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Dr. Paul J Olsovsky: How to Improve Your Vision?

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Dr. Paul J Olsovsky is an optometrist specialist. He is a family oriented man who likes to spend his time with her family. He also likes to spend his time with his father in law while doing the fishing. He often invited to several social events that is organized for a noble cause. He also likes to offer his services to the underprivileged people.

Being an optometrist, Dr. Paul Olsovsky says that good eyes make better vision that will further help you in performing well in your daily work. Therefore, it is important for us to take proper care of our eyes as it plays an important role in maintaining the overall health of a person. He had given some of the tips that will help a person in improving their vision which includes:-

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·         Eat a Balanced Diet

For keeping your vision safe, it is recommended to eat the food that is rich in Vitamins. He further suggested that eating food like green vegetables, fish also plays an important role in improving the vision of your eyes. Fish contain essential omega-3 fatty acid that further help in enhancing the vision of your eyes.


·         Regular Exercise

Doing regular exercise plays an important role in improving blood circulation, which help in removing the toxin from the body that further help in increasing the vision of an eye.


·         Wash your hands

Keeping your hands clean is another important factor, when it comes to your eyes. Before you touch your eye Dr. Paul J Olsovsky suggested to wash your hands with a mild soap as some germs and bacteria that come from your hands can cause an eye infection like conjunctivitis.

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