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Dr. Paul J Olsovsky : How to take care of your eyes?

By drpauljolsovsky at 2019-01-31 • 0 collector • 37 pageviews

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Dr. Paul J Olsovsky is an optometrist, who is a professional expert in treating the eyes of a patient. He also likes to offer their services to the needy and the poor.  He also likes to volunteer in several social events that are organized for a noble cause. He is a noble person. He also likes to spend time with his family as well.

He has mentioned some tips that play an important role in taking care of your eyes, which includes:-

·         Wear a hat and sunglasses while going for any outdoor activity in order to avoid ultraviolet radiations that can damage your eyes.

·         Dr. Paul Olsovsky further added to wear some eye protection devices, if you are working in a job that involves machinery work.

·         He further suggested to visit an eye care professional on a regular basis as a regular eye check up can help a person in diagnosing their eye disease at an early stage.

·         Most of the eye injury occurs while playing a sport such as fencing, squashing and other, therefore it is recommended to wear eye protection while going for any sport activity.

·         He further suggested that taking regular breaks when working in front of your computer as continuously staring at the computer can cause a long-term damage to your vision.

·         While sitting in front of your computer, it is your responsibility to ensure about the proper lighting, as the lack of proper lighting can cause the problem of eyestrain.

·         Dr. Paul J Olsovsky further suggested that sticking to a healthy diet routine will also help you in keeping your eyes and body in good shape. He further recommended that maintaining your cholesterol level and blood pressure will also help you maintaining a good health.


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