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Momentum Auto Group of Rahim Hassanally transition to new ownership

By rahimhassanally at 2019-01-30 • 0 collector • 37 pageviews

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When automation initially began to make its rounds in the business world, IT Automation was tremendously expensive to have implemented and the technology was in an evident unverified state.  As time passed by and the technology advanced more businesses to begin to take notice and begin implementing things. So change is important for any business to move ahead in this competitive world. This thing was in mind of Rahim hassanally, President and Dealer Principal of Momentum Auto Group, Fairfield, CA, and he knew at a very young age that the family business was not his cup of tea so he switched his career to automation industry.

 At present, he is devoted towards the transition of his company Momentum auto group to a completely new way. In the wake of complications from California’s most dangerous wildfire in history, Momentum Auto Group of Rahim Hassanally will temporarily close and transition to fresh possession with the intention to remain one of Solano County’s top tax contributors.

Due to the high revenue losses caused by the Camp Fire, and in combination with the above-mentioned situation, Momentum Auto Group determined that it was finest to temporarily shut their doors and changeover to fresh ownership. The group is sure that new ownership will effectively lift Momentum Auto Group from current circumstances and conquer the hardships caused by the California Camp Fire.

Momentum Auto Group in the past was a successful company and it will again prove itself again as a top dealership in Solano County. The main plan of the dealership is to respond to customer needs quickly during their transition to fresh management. This customer service offering is a short-term solution in reply to branch closures until new management is set to open doors again at its Solano County dealerships.

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