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Automation an ingredient of success for Rahim Hassanally

By rahimhassanally at 2019-01-30 • 0 collector • 32 pageviews

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Automation industry initially began to make its rounds in the business world. As times passed these businesses quickly discovered that there are various ways for implementation of such things. These things just freed up not just network resources but human resources as well. With novel adventures on the horizon for Mr. Hassanally, we can look back at his striking career and the distinctions that led to his current accomplishment.

Rahim Hassanally hard work and impressive work led to his present success. He was natural at it and was selling more than 25 vehicles a month in no time. Mr. Hassanally being passionate in this work started his own dealership at a very tender age. He later continued improving and established his growing skill at 3 different dealerships before finally being promoted to General Sales Manager. He afterward earned a bachelor’s degree in political science at Southern Methodist University in Dallas to hone his aptitude and study more about the varied and altering auto sales marketplace.

By 28, Rahim Hassanally purchased his own automation dealership which housed both Infiniti of Fairfield and Volvo of Fairfield. He has a great passion for this work and thus he later operated 16 franchises and created 100’s of jobs and revenue for Solano County and beyond.  Being an industry leader, he’s earned distinction from his competitors for his positive approach, his considerate planning, and his knowledge in the automotive area of the field. In difficult times, such as in the current economic state, he is still working hard and is claiming that the uneven seasons teach him to deal with his resources for utmost profitability. The automotive industry is under a lot of transformation with the arrival of new searching and purchasing techniques, and Rahim Hassanally promises the best future for Momentum Auto Group.

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